The  Gnostic  Warrior

  - Persons Uniting True Knowledge - 
  For those enthusiastically engaged in healing separated elements, gaining knowledge through fellowship, intellectual examination,
and spiritual immersion.   That we may all look within ourselves and our histories, seeing that we are each givers of wisdom, one unto the other through the aeons.  Let us collect for those who care to study, for those who value full inquiry and dialogue with their fellows, the knowledges passed down to us.  Let us each be rebaptized with our own personal truth, enabling ourselves lives of personal integrity.

Gnostic Warriors of the Central Coast  is dedicated to furthering the fellowship needs of our home communities through providing information and support to seekers of truth.  As we each strive for self-improvement throughout life's many quests, look around yourself and take your neighbors with you!

This web-site is under construction
Summer 2005

and looks forward to containing a variety of links to valuable resources, notices and educational discussions.

We will be posting past radio shows soon!
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Other projects we are working on:
Family Mediation
Domestic Harmony Resource Center
Creation of Personal Ritual Iconography
Historical and Contemporary Studies in Wisdom
Emotional Self-Mastery through "The Courage To Change"
The Consortium for Partnership Participation
The Symposium Venerable Presentations
Break-fasts of All Blessings
Circle of Prayer

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