Psychic Insight Counseling
Brian Henson

Brian and Sylvia Browne Smiling life up!

With his home base on the Central California Coast,
Brian has been serving his psychic skills to a worldwide clientele for over ten years. He performs blessings, clearings, exorcisms, talking ghosts home, missing person assistance, past life recollections, specialized workshops, and a wealth of present life information to assist those who ask.

The Spirit Guides and Angels that accompany Brian are just as dedicated as he, to assisting others in manifesting their very best, mastering themselves in their path.  By helping individuals connect with and communicate with their own sense if Divinity, Brian is able to enjoy personal service as his life's foundation.
As a Gnostic Christian, he takes great care in investigating the many doctrines and forms of gnosis whenever possible.

~Brian has been Live on the Radio for years~

These past broadcasts will be posted here soon!

Counseling sessions are done by telephone, and all services can be scheduled by calling
(831) 784-1609
Retainers and payments can be mailed to 791 -C- Archer St., Salinas, CA 93901

  His psychic parties have become a specialty, easily tailored
to any number of guests, and are often chosen as
' a party within a party' when larger groups of people gather together.

Gift certificates can be purchased and sent to you in a lovely format, reflecting any beloved holiday!

Prices for the parties:
$ 750 is the minimum set price no matter how few your guests are.  For parties with more than ten guests each person is an additional $ 75.  For locations more than 30 miles away from home, transportation will be extra, depending on the necessary arrangements.

Prices for private telephone counsel:
$35 for 15 minutes, $80 for 30 minutes, $100 for 45 minutes, $125 for 60 minutes,
$150 for 75 minutes and $175 for 90 minutes.


Your comments are welcome, perhaps your topics, curiosities and speculations, might be included in future shows.  Thank You.